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Between these two local West Auckland blokes, there is an accumulation of over a 100 years' experience in the Auckland steel welding market. Jay Cee Welding was started by John Fraider (on the right) a boilermaker by trade back in 1985, with only a single mobile welder and his Ute.

With his right-hand man Mike (on the left) they have built a long-standing team of experts around them. Their team can bring an experienced hand to every project they tackle. Jay Cee Welding specialises in the fabrication and erection of structural steel for commercial and private projects.

The key to success is investing in the right technology coupled with building an experienced team of highly skilled welders, riggers and fabricators. "...because we have been working in the industry for so long we can offer effective solutions to any problem the client throws at us. An experience like that is hard to beat!"

Coming up with innovative methods combined with good old fashioned hard work is a hallmark of the company's success.

/Meet The Team

John FrAIder


Mike Vinkenvleugel

Right-Hand Man - Contracts Manager
Maya Cross
Office Manager/John's Saviour
Office manager and go-to-girl, Maya Cross has a wealth of experience in administration and has been John's PA and saviour for over 19 years!
Sanjay Prakash
Certified Welding Inspector and QA Manager
Talin Kochchigoda
Workshop Production Manager
Shalvin Prakash
Senior Rigging Team Leader

Today John has a team of 20, including many fabricators who have been with him for over five years, some over 15 years. The office staff are also long-termers making them an effective unit that has established long-standing relationships with their clients.





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